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Meet Sharon Austria

Born and Raised in San Francisco, Sharon was first introduced to baking at a very early age by her Mom and Dad who had their own side business selling a Traditional Filipino Dessert, Hopia. They spent many nights in the kitchen and dining room making Hopia, while Sharon slept on the floor at their feet. She started her own baking venture when her younger brother Jonathan started Kindergarten. She made cupcakes for his entire class for his Birthday. It became a tradition. She would bake desserts for Sunday Dinners at her Grandparents House and also for Bake Sales for her little cousins' school. 


Now decades later, Sharon has a full fledge Sweet Business, aside from being a full time Dental Office Manager by day. She has provided desserts for Bay Area Legends such as Radio Host Chuy Gomez, DJ Mind Motion and Rapper Mac Mall. She has sponsored shoe, clothing and toy drives hosted by Bay Area Got Sole and Bay Area WDYWT. She also enjoys teaching classes from time to time at Busy Bakers in San Bruno, CA, where she shares her secrets and tips to her art of sweet making. 


She is very devoted to her Family and is a huge Sports Fanatic. Sharon hopes to pass on her passion for baking to her own daughter Aaliyah, who has followed in her mothers footsteps and falls asleep at her feet as she bakes into the wee hours of the night.



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